My first ootd!

Today I did  my first ootd! I styled it around my new kimono from forever21 (you will probably be seeing a lot of this kimono and the shorts lol) anyways this is my first time ever posting a outfit or a full body picture on the internet so I’m a little nervous… but it was a lot of fun, It’s a little amateur but I’m excited to grow learn and make improvement!

hope you guys enjoy!

photo (4)

photo (1)

photo (10) photo (9) photo (8) photo (7) photo (7) photo (5) photo (4)photo (6)

photo (5)

kimono – forever21

faux leather shorts – forever21+

cami – forever21+

heeled booties – ebay

sunglasses  – local mall

lips – nyx lip pencil in (hot red)


My favorite lipsticks! Nyx matte lipsticks

I have never really had a go to lipstick until a few months ago when I discovered these amazing little potions! I have a few more then this but they are nowhere to be found at the moment lol. Anyways these matte lipsticks are very creamy feeling especially at first, they are not drying to the lips at all and go on with a creamy look at first but dry to a matte look within seconds! (The pictures below are all taken when I first put them on so still in the shiner stages ;))

photo (6)

shocking pink, butter beurre and sierra

(natural doesn’t get to be in this picture because I lost her cap 😦 )

nyx matte

(natural, shocking pink, sierra and butter beurre)

photo (11)

sierra  (no flash) – orangy tan color

photo (4)

sierra (with flash)

photo (10)

butter beurre (no flash) grayish browny nude

photo (9)

butter beurre (with flash)

photo (7)

shocking pink (no flash. looks a lot brighter in person neonish)

photo (8)

shocking pink (with flash)

photo (13)

natural (no  flash) pinky mauve nude (my favorite)

photo (12)

natural (with flash)

hope this helps!

Hello! (to anyone who might be reading this..) welcome to my blog!

This Is my first blog post and I just want to tell you guys a little bit about my blog!

First let me start off by saying I am horrible  with spelling and such so bare with me please lol.

My blog will be mostly fashion/beauty but a little advice here and there. I am  esthetician/ makeup artist but I have always LOVED fashion!! As I plus size girl myself, I know our options are very limited but that should never be an excuse!  I will be showing you guys all the tips and tricks I use on  day to day basis.  I’m gonna be posting at least 3 times a week of ootds and makeup reviews and swatches! so if this interest you I’d love you guys to follow along!